When NOT To Massage

When Not To Massage

For your safety and well-being, I have provided this information on common contraindications to massage. As important as massage is to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it is also important to know when NOT to massage. This in no way serves as an extensive list but only common precautions. If you have a medical condition and are unsure whether massage is indicated or not, please consult your physician for clearance prior to coming in.

Common Contraindications

If you have had a recent fall or injury. Please see a doctor to make sure your injury is not more severe than you might think in order to ensure that you do not risk further aggravating the injury.

Massage should never be combined with alcohol intoxication. Because of the circulatory effects of massage, massaging while intoxicated can be damaging to your liver.

People with cancer should obtain clearance from their doctor before coming in for a massage as certain types of cancer may be caused to spread through lymphatic circulation.

People with Osteoperosis have brittle, fragile bones. This is common among elderly individuals. If you know you have this condition or have reason to believe you might, please consult a physician as Deep Tissue work may be too intense for you.

Fever is your body's natural defense mechanism against viral or bacterial invaders. It seeks to isolate and expel these intruders. Therefore, the blood and lymph circulation from massage may work against your body's immune defense system. A person may come in with a slight sniffle and leave with a full blown cold after the massage has released and circulated the illness throughout the body.

Although light sedating massage can help to reduce high blood pressure, it is important to get a doctor's clearance beforehand to make sure that you are within a safe level to receive massage.

Any type of inflammation (usually any condition that ends in -itis) can be further aggravated by massage. If it is a localized inflammation however, usually it is safe to massage the surrounding area as long as the inflamed area is avoided.

Hernia... just don't do it. Surgery is much better.

Though there is no conclusive evidence to suggest massage is dangerous during pregnancy, I advise against massage in the first Trimester. This is purely precautionary due to the heightened percentage of miscarriages in the First Trimester.

You should avoid massage if you suffer from blood clots. Massage can be very dangerous should it dislodge one of these blood clots and result in embolism.

Liver or Kidney problems are also contraindicative to massage. The circulation brought on by massage may be too much for these organs to process in their weakened condition.

Despite these warnings, Massage is far more often beneficial to ones health and vitality and so long as you adhere to this list of precautions and consult with your physician, massage can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

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