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**Massage Orange County is currently transitioning to a new office. In the interim, I am still providing
mobile massage services. Please visit the Special Promos and Incentives section to view the current special I am running on In-Home Massages!**

Basic Swedish Massage

The most basic and well-known form of bodywork practiced today, Swedish massage implements the use of long gliding strokes, percussion like tapping, firm kneading, compression strokes, gentle vibration, and passive stretching to improve flexibility, ease tension, and promote general wellness.

Relaxation Half Session (30 minute)
Half sessions are brisker paced; ideal for stimulating circulation, body awareness, and mental clarity. $45.00

Full Session (60 minute)
Full sessions are gentle, rhythmic, and sedating. Ideal for circulating blood and lymph fluid, flushing toxins, and general relaxation. $65.00

Deep Tissue Massage

A considerably more thorough routine that focuses on relief of long-lasting pain and tension while still leaving you feeling satisfied. By targeting the deepest layers of muscle tissue, this type of massage alleviates trigger points - the source of chronic pain brought on by muscle overuse or injury. Many feel a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment. In addition to therapeutic wellness, this massage helps flush toxins from your muscles, and release endorphins.

Therapeutic Massage Oils
Focused (60 minute)
This session targets tense knots and focuses on working out your specific problem areas. For serious falls or injuries, please get clearance from your doctor for the use of massage therapy in your treatment. $65.00

Deluxe (90 minute)
This full body routine will leave you feeling like putty. Consider having someone to drive you home. $85.00

Sports Massage

Whether you are a world-class athlete or a weekend jogger, Sports Massage has been shown to improve your performance by up to 30%, increase flexibility, help prevent injuries, remove fatigue, reduce recovery time, and improve endurance. Sports massage sessions are short stimulating messages performed either before an event to prepare for maximum performance, or after an event to flush the buildup of lactic acids.

[Note: This is a brisk, full body massage, clothed in light sweats. No lotions/oils are used. The emphasis is circulation and stretching, not focus areas or injuries for which a 60 minute Focused Deep Tissue is recommended.]

(30 min. Pre- or Post-Event) $45.00

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