Highly Recommended

Alexis was amazing. She found every ache and pain in my back and used the right amount of pressure to melt those knots away. I will definitely see her again.

-Stacey P.


Very good, expert massage. She obviously knows what she is doing. She continually asked if the pressure was good (I think to keep me awake as much as anything). She gives helpful health tips as well as being very talented. I came away feeling refreshed and relaxed.

-Dan G.

Great Massage

Alexis did a very good job. She constantly asked if the pressure was too hard or not and I appreciated that since I am very sensitive to the touch. I also enjoyed having my feet, hands and head massaged which normally get forgotten in the average massage.

-Brenda K.


Yes indeed.. I am very particular who is giving me a massage. Alexis did a pretty good job. When she is massaging my shoulder blades, WOW ! ! ! it was good.. Overall, I am satisfied with her service and I will go back in a month. Alexis , smile more... You're doing a good job. Thank you.

-Aida S.

Very Relaxing

Alexis gave me a good massage and I will be going back to her for another massage. I felt very relaxed after she finished. I just wish she was a little closer to Santa Ana.

-Donna T.

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