About Orange County Massage Therapist, Alexis Diaz

Orange County Massage Therapist

Orange County massage therapist, S. Alexis Diaz, has been practicing massage in Los Alamitos since 2008. She graduated from Everest College in Anaheim, CA as a certified massage therapist after completing a 760 hour program with 380 hours in Massage Technique and Theory and 380 hours in Practical Hands-on Application. Alexis is a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and State Certified (#13822) by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

Q&A with Alexis Diaz, CMT

QQ: Do you have a preferred massage modality that you specialize in?

My specialty is Deep Tissue massage. I get deep satisfaction from working out my clients' problem areas and helping to eliminate those lingering knots that bring my clients no end of pain.

QQ: What sets you apart as a Massage Therapist?

I pride myself in listening to my clients. All my massages are customized to my client's individual needs. Every person is unique. A persons posture, lifestyle, and occupation can all add up to common physical aches and pains. Persons working in manual labor positions that involve a lot of heavy lifting may suffer a lot of lower back discomfort. While people who work in office environments in front of a computer all day commonly accumulate numerous knots in their neck and between their shoulder blades. Runners and cyclists benefit front extra attention to their calves and ITB bands. Giving each of these client's the same massage cheats them out of the individualized attention they deserve.

QQ: What would you like Orange County residents to know about Massage?

My goal is to start changing the way people look at massage. Many people view massage as a luxury they treat themselves to once in a blue moon. Many people I have come across have never even experienced a massage before. I want to change that. People need to understand that massage is not a frill, it's fundamental! The muscular system is just as important and needs equal attention as every other system of the body. It might be the engine makes the car run, but no one wants to be driving around on a set of balding tires! Regular maintenance is important and your muscles are too important to leave neglected.

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